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Josh Duhamel's dashing good looks helped him become one of Hollywood's hottest stars. But the former model isn't afraid of letting himself go in the name of his art. caught up with the handsome actor, who admits he's on a mission to defy people's expectations -- even if it means going gray! -- during the promotional rounds for his film "Lost in the Sun," in which he portrays a small-time crook who coerces a newly orphaned teen to serve as his getaway driver. Keep reading for the highlights from our chat with the "Transformers" alum -- and don't forget to check out "Lost in the Sun" in select theaters, on iTunes or on VOD on Nov. 6, 2015.

Josh Duhamel on his gray hair in "Lost in the Sun": "It's pretty real. I don't know if it's something that I should disclose, but, yeah! If the character calls for, it I'm not gonna shy away from it. I'm not trying to stay 21 forever. It just felt like this guy is a little worn down. He's not in his prime. He can't really rely on his charm and good looks anymore. There's something desperate about him. I wanted to let him feel as worn down as possible."

Josh Duhamel on letting himself go for grittier roles: "You just eat a lot of donuts... It's a good excuse to not have to go to the gym, that's for sure. My character [in 'Lost in the Sun'] would never go to the gym, so I don't have to. I haven't done anything yet where I've gained 30 pounds, but I'm not afraid to do it if I have to... I'm about to start something in a couple weeks that will require me to have the gray in the beginning. [The character is] going to be a little more disheveled. But by the end of the movie, he becomes consumed by fame and money and power. All that gray is gonna go away. He's gonna be a little bit more tan and he's gonna become that vain guy who he always loathed in the past. It just depends."

Josh Duhamel on playing a flawed father figure shortly after becoming a first-time father himself: "Axl was around six months old at the time [we shot 'Lost in the Sun']. Fergie actually came out [to the set in Texas], and we all stayed in a house together. He was brand new. I can't really say that I had any experience to draw from -- and I certainly don't want to emulate [my character] in any way when I raise my son because he's maybe the worst father figure I've ever seen -- or one of them."

Josh Duhamel on looking for new and different roles: "I really want to make a concerted effort to try to do things that are outside of what people expect from me. For the last couple of years, that's been what I've focused on... I'm not opposed to doing things that are what I've done in the past, but the stories have to be fresh and new and different. At the end of the day, I can play the craziest character in the world, but if the story sucks, then what's the point? So it's really about finding a great story and finding a character that I find human and flawed and interesting and complex. I don't want to spend 17 hours a day on a set on something that I'm not completely inspired by."

Josh Duhamel on what attracted him to "Lost in the Sun": "It was simple -- I read the script. With the script came a letter from Trey [Nelson], the director, and there was something really honest about it. I just sort of trusted that he knew exactly the story he wanted to tell."

Josh Duhamel on making a modern Western: "I did sort of see this as a modern Western in a lot of ways -- even though the time period is ambiguous. You don't really know when this movie is happening. It felt dirty and cracked. There's something about West Texas that just feels very dusty and Western. I talked a lot with [the director] about what tone he was going for and what it was going to look like visually. All roads led to this guy who was just sort of cracked, like he'd been weather beaten."