When your child has pet chickens but also eats animal products, "Ignorance is bliss!"

That's what Tiffani Thiessen told Wonderwall.com during a recent chat while promoting her partnership with Quaker oatmeal for their Bring Your Best Bowl contest.

The "Saved By the Bell" alum and her husband, actor Brady Smith, keep a coop of five chickens at their Los Angeles home, which they share with their two children: 5-year-old daughter Harper and 6-month-old son Holt.

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"We've had them since they were babies," Tiffani told us of their feathered friends. "They're like full on pets -- they really are."

"They live a couple feet from our house -- they have their own little house that we built," she adds. "Harper loves to go out and collect eggs every day."

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But has Tiffani's little girl made the connection between her pets and chicken nuggets?

"We haven't had that conversation, which is interesting because we have chickens and she eats chicken," says the 41-year-old mother of two. "I don't think she's made the connection yet. "

"But she's asked where bacon comes from and I had to tell her, so I don't know," she adds. "It's very strange. Bacon is a whole different word, so she wouldn't necessarily make that connection. But she's never asked about chicken. Either [she hasn't made the connection yet] or she knows and she just doesn't care."

Ignorance is bliss, indeed!

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If her dad has his way, Harper may soon be developing a taste for fresh feta cheese in addition to homegrown eggs.

"My husband's always talking about wanting more [animals], and I'm like, 'I think for us living in Los Angeles, five chickens is enough,'" Tiffani told us. "Unless we want to move somewhere else -- like to a ranch. Then we can talk about more chickens. But he's like, 'Let's get a goat! Let's get this!' And I'm like, 'You're crazy.'"

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Caring for her family's chicken coop isn't the only thing that sets little Harper apart from other little girls, says her proud mama.

"She's a pretty active kid," Tiffani gushed. "She's pretty fearless -- she does gymnastics... And I love that my daughter will pick climbing a tree over sitting and watching something or playing a game on an iPad."

Harper, who started kindergarten last fall, is also obsessed with school: "She absolutely loves kindergarten -- absolutely," says Tiffani. "During the holiday break, she was literally itching to go back to school. How awesome is that?"

The actress's mini-me is also turning into a pretty great big sister.

"I can't get enough of watching my daughter love on her little brother," Tiffani told us. "If he's with me here in New York and my daughter's back home [in Los Angeles] with my mom, she misses him."

"It fills my heart," she adds, "I just adore it."

And we adore Harper and her pet chickens! Here's to hoping the "White Collar" actress and her hot hubby keep their daughter's innocence intact for just a while longer.

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