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Blue Ivy Carter is the first child of hip-hop’s most powerful pair, Jay-Z and Beyonce. Her existence was announced and confirmed by mommy dearest during her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2011. The fetus immediately started following in her parents’ footsteps by making headlines and breaking records when the news of Queen B’s bump sparked more than 8,868 tweets per second. She was born at Lenox Hill Hospital. Her first name is said to be inspired by Hova’s favorite color and the word can be found in three of his CD titles so far. Ivy is widely thought to represent the Roman numeral version of four, which has played a big part in the lives’ of both parents. Both of their birthdays fall on the 4th, they were married on April 4, Beyonce’s recent album was titled 4 and the parents have matching tattoos of IV on their wedding ring fingers. She also quickly entered the family business. Less than a week after she was born, she became the youngest artist to chart as B.I.C.’s crying is featured on dad’s “Glory,” cameoed in Bey’s HBO documentary and joined mama on her Mrs. Carter Show world tour with her own director’s chair and Timberlands. She’s already getting used to the good life as well — cruising on yachts, staying on private islands, dining in Paris and playing with a diamond-encrusted Barbie she allegedly received for her first birthday.