When you think about all the facets the David Beckham brand encompasses from modeling gigs and fragrances to a slang term that became a film title (Bend It Like Beckham), it's hard to fathom that he started as just a footballer. He began ballin' as the child of a hairstylist and an appliance repairman and was playing for his dream team Manchester United's youth league by 11. He joined the real deal in 1993, signed his first big endorsement deal with Adidas in 1997, was the world's highest paid soccer pro in 2002, and received the Order of the British Empire for "services to football" from the Queen in 2003. Sports Illustrated estimated in 2005 that his endorsements for corporations like Pepsi and Gillette were earning him $30 million a year. Dating (1997), marrying (1999) and making babies with Victoria "Posh Spice" Adams quadrupled the world's interest in him. The couple, now appropriately platinum blond, were welcomed with open A-list arms (Tom Cruise, Will Smith and Eva Longoria) when he moved to the LA Galaxy in 2007. The women of the world also welcomed when he stripped down to only his Emporio Armani knickers for the company's 2008 steamy ad campaign. After years of being dad to all dudes (Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz), Becks and Posh added a baby girl (Harper Seven) to their brood in 2011. He will next don trainers for the Paris Saint-Germain squad.