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Demi Moore has been an expert at being the center of public attention for decades. After dropping out of high school at 16, the General Hospital alum bared breasts in her first major film, Blame It On Rio (1984). Over the next 12 years, she appeared topless five more times and posed nude for Vanity Fair twice — once while seven months pregnant. The massive success of St. Elmo's Fire branded her Brat Pack and after she romanced spirit Swayze while making pottery in Ghost (1990), she had a top spot in the Hollywood hierarchy. It allowed her to earn top dollar for films like Indecent Proposal and Striptease and cofound the Moving Pictures production company, which was responsible for the Austin Powers franchise. She grabbed headlines for designing one of the worst Oscar outfits of all time (a biker shorts-and-bustier combo), shaving her head in G.I. Jane (1997), besting the much-younger Cameron Diaz in a Charlie's Angeles bikini-off at 41, jumping on the Kabbalah bandwagon with Madonna and being treated for "exhaustion" in early 2012. (She'd had drug and alcohol problems before St. Elmo's as well.) The men in her life have also been newsworthy. She married rocker Freddy Moore at 18, was engaged to Emilio Estevez for two years and spent 11 years hitched to Bruce Willis, the father of her three daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah. She moved on with Ashton Kutcher, nearly 16 years her junior, eventually making it official in 2005 with Willis in attendance and unofficial in 2011.