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Lately, Jennifer Garner has been best known for playing the role of supportive wife to her husband Ben Affleck as he navigated the awards season marathon with Best Picture "Argo" and active mom to their three children Violet (2005), Seraphina (2009) and Samuel (2012). But don’t let her current domestic station fool you. She worked her way onto the A-list all by her lonesome. After college, the all-American girl moved to New York, worked as a hostess and collected a steady stream of small parts ("Spin City," "Law & Order") for her resume in the ‘90s, even playing woman in elevator for Woody Allen. In 1998, she landed a recurring role on "Felicity," which introduced her to two very important men. She was immediately attracted to star Scott Foley, who became her first husband (2000-03). The show’s creator J.J. Abrams sought her out when casting "Alia"s in 2001. A band geek in high school, she hit the gym every day and studied tae kwon do in order to handle student/CIA agent Sydney Bristow’s stunts and fights. Her work paid off in the form of a Golden Globe, an eventual romance with co-star Michael Vartan and multiple offers to do movies including "Daredevil," on which she met Affleck although they would not start dating until 2004, and adorable comedy "13 Going On 30." Since the show ended in 2006, she has concentrated on films ("Kingdom," "Juno," "Dallas Buyer's Club," "Men, Women and Children"), Broadway ("Cyrano de Bergerac") and parenthood.