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Nurse Kate Gosselin met future husband and network engineer Jon at a 1997 picnic. After marrying in 1999, Gosselin, who suffered polycystic ovary syndrome, began fertility treatments. One took and by October 2000, they were proud parents to twin daughters Cara and Madelyn. Hoping to add one more child to the family, they started treatments again in 2003. They were six times luckier than they hoped as she gave birth to Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel in May 2004. Their brood was the subject of a Discovery documentary, which inspired TLC to create a reality show about them. Jon & Kate Plus 8 became the network’s highest rated program immediately. She became a best-selling author with Multiple Bles8ings in 2008 and a picture book in 2009. But by May 2009, her world fell apart amid rumors linking Jon to a 23 year old and they filed for divorce a month later. She continued the show as a single mom and then competed on season 10 of Dancing With The Stars in 2010. Kate Plus Eight ended in 2011.