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Spending his teens and twenties in drama school and on stage, Michael Fassbender may have gotten a late screen start — fighting to be noticed at 30 as a Spartan warrior in 300 — but he has certainly made up for lost time since 2007 by joining a rejuvenated X-Men franchise as the young Magneto, nabbing much-desired marquee roles like tech guru Steve Jobs or the lead in the adaptation of Assassin’s Creed, consistently returning from big budgets to indie arthouse fare like Jane Eyre and A Dangerous Method and earning an Oscar nomination for 2013’s 12 Years A Slave. His Irish accent (Although born in Germany he moved to Ireland as a toddler.), manicured ginger stubble, cheeky humor, deep blue eyes and willingness to go full frontal in Shame have made him a sex symbol while his dedication to his work (i.e. he lost 31 pounds to play an IRA activist in Hunger) have made him a go-to guy for name directors like Steve McQueen, Ridley Scott and Quentin Tarantino. He dated Zoe Kravitz in 2011 after working with her on X-Men: First Class and has since taken up with his Shame costar Nicole Beharie although he insists their relationship did not blossom until filming had ended and promotion began in 2012.