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By Kara Warner

With six films under their belts and nearly a decade of working in the biz, the young stars of "Harry Potter" have enough cred to be considered old pros at this point. However, during the filming of the latest installment, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," they seemed to be facing their greatest acting challenge yet: tackling the embarrassment of kissing scenes (of which there are several), as well as the challenging real-life world of dating.

We caught up with stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright (who plays Harry's love interest, Ginny Weasley) at the film's New York premiere, to get the scoop on stalker love and awkward kisses.

Wonderwall: In this film, Ron has sort of a stalker girlfriend. Has it ever gotten strange where you're dating people who are more interested in dating Harry, Ron or Hermione rather than yourselves?

Daniel Radcliffe: Fortunately I don't think that's the case. I don't think that any of us are ...

Emma Watson: I'm dating my stalker, actually.

Radcliffe: That's probably the best way of dealing with it.

Watson: He sees to all my needs. I can be very demanding. And he's so into me.

Radcliffe: I'm not [dating a stalker].

Rupert Grint: I'm not [either]. It's starting to sound like a good idea, actually. You get a lot of attention I suppose.

WW: How do you weather the world of dating without the benefit of spells?

Radcliffe: I'm not really. The dating thing is not something I've ...

Watson: He doesn't need them.

Radcliffe: I don't feel like I'm in the world of dating. I'm like everyone else, I suppose. People always ask, "Does being Harry Potter help you get girls?" And I was 9 when I started, so I don't know what it's like to get girls without having the aid of being Harry.

WW: We've heard rumors about a big kissing scene between Ron and Hermione in the final films. What can you tell us about it?

Watson: The kissing scene is in the [next film]. We'll see ... we did the scene about two weeks ago.

Grint: It wasn't something we were looking forward to. It was kind of strange. I've known her so long and grown up with her, [so] having to kiss her was weird. Emma's lovely though, so it could have been worse.

Watson: Yeah. Rupert and I were quite nervous it would look ingenuous, as we were so desperate to get through it. Rupert and I felt so much pressure, there's so much media interest and there's 10 years of tension and hormones and chemistry in one moment and we had to ace it. Hopefully we did it.

Radcliffe: (Talking to Watson and Grint) To be honest with you, I think you're going to come out really well. I saw the film again a couple nights ago at the premiere and really watched it. Poor Bonnie. My God, my lips are like the lips of a horse. Kind of distending independently away from my face and trying to encompass the lower half of hers, so I apologize for that.

Bonnie Wright: (Laughing.) I didn't notice.


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