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By Saryn Chorney

The only thing funnier (and weirder) than attending your own high school reunion is watching the cast of your favorite childhood TV show reunite decades later. It's hard to believe, but this August will mark the 20th anniversary of "Saved By The Bell."

If we're lucky, Zack, Kelly, Slater, Screech, Lisa, Jessie and maybe even Mr. Belding will appear together on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," claims Mark-Paul Gosselaar, a.ka. Zack Morris himself, in a candid interview in this week's Life & Style.

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"Jimmy Fallon is trying to [reunite the cast]," Gosselaar told the magazine. "We're still discussing it." So far, Lark Voorhies (Lisa Turtle), Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding) and Mario Lopez (A.C. Slater) are on board. We guess Dustin Diamond, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Elizabeth Berkeley just have Trapper Keepers full of appointments or something.

Although the sitcom about the hijinks of Bayside High's most popular students has been off the air for 16 years, Gosselaar, 35, tells Life & Style he's still recognized most for his "Saved by the Bell" alter ego.

"That image will stay with me for my entire career," says Gosselaar. "But I'm not looking to shed the persona of Zack. I'm proud of the work I did." And we almost believe him, except preppy Zack Morris would never sport that long, slicked back hair style.

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Gosselaar, married -- to Lisa Ann Russell not Kelly Kapowski -- and a father of two, currently stars as a defense attorney on TNT's hit show "Raising the Bar," which is set to return for a second season.

So, scheming Zack Morris grew up to be a lawyer? That kind of makes sense, actually.