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My how things change. Taylor Swift hasn't always been the apple of Calvin Harris' eye, it turns out.

Although the two seem to be acting couple-ish, it seems that Calvin never saw Taylor in his future. In November, the hugely successful DJ gave an interview with "Capital Breakfast," a British radio show, and they asked about whether he would ever be interested in the "Style" singer.

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"She's just the opposite of my type," Calvin said at the time. "She looks lovely. She's just the opposite of my type." In using an analogy from the dating app Tinder where one "swipes right" if they are interested in the other person, Calvin said of Taylor, "I'd just go left."

Calvin even said he's more apt to date brunettes.

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Fast forward to March 25, when the two were spotted shopping together at a Nashville, Tenn. Whole Foods. On March 26, Calvin was spotted with his arm around Tay Tay's waist at a Kenny Chesney concert. (Things we thought we'd never see: Calvin Harris at a Kenny Chesney concert. He must really like Taylor!)

Earlier in the month, Taylor even headed to Las Vegas to see the DJ perform.

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Certainly, Calvin seems to be singing (or spinning, rather) a new tune and clearly he'd now swiping right on Taylor.