Jordan Strauss / Invision/AP 1 / 5
Jordan Strauss / Invision/AP 1 / 5

Hip-hop star 2 Chainz initially thought the armed robbery he was caught up in last week was a staged TV prank.

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The hip-hop star and his entourage were confronted by armed men on the street in San Francisco on Sunday, June 9. Security footage purportedly taken at the scene appears to show the "Spend It" rapper and his crew fleeing in fear.

2 Chainz has now opened up about the terrifying incident, saying he thought he was being filmed for celebrity practical joke show "Punk'd."

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Speaking to Georgia radio station Hot 107, he explains, "I saw the gun first. It was like a .357 [Magnum handgun]. It was so heavy he couldn't really hold it. The gun was so big. That's what made me take off running. When I went into the street, there was another dude with a whole 'nother gun (sic). That's when I knew it wasn't like an episode of 'Punk'd.' I was like, 'This is real...'" T

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The surveillance tape also shows the star apparently falling over as he tries to get away, and he admits he had a close call: "I had bullet fragments in my hair... I think [the suspect] thought he shot me."