DH1 / Dimitri Halkidis / WENN 1 / 2
DH1 / Dimitri Halkidis / WENN 1 / 2

Actress Daya Vaidya is pregnant with identical twin boys.

The "Unforgettable" star and her husband Don Wallace are set to welcome the tots this summer.

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She tells Life & Style magazine, "Even when my doctor saw only one baby in our first ultrasound, my husband said he strangely felt there were two babies.

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"When they finally saw the second baby at three months, my jaw dropped to the floor, and my husband said with a huge smile, 'I told you so!'"

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It's the actress' second pregnancy -- daughter Leela turns three in July. And the mom-to-be admits her first was a breeze.

She adds, "I literally hiked mountains during my ninth month. With twins, it's like walking around with a boulder in my belly and a belt around my lungs. I can barely walk two blocks, and I'm only in my fifth month!"