by Saryn Chorney

Best remembered for her tomboy roles in movies like "Some Kind of Wonderful" and "Fried Green Tomatoes," some may have mistakenly believed actress Mary Stuart Masterson to be gay (or to be Mary Louise-Parker.) In fact, the 42-year-old star has been married three times, and she and current husband actor Jeremy Davidson are expecting their first child, reports Life & Style Weekly.

The almost-a-brat-packer actress broke the news to the magazine last night at the Rainforest Alliance 2009 annual gala in New York City.

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"I've been trying to get pregnant for a long time," revealed Masterson. "I'm ready, I'm excited!"

While she doesn't know the baby's sex yet, "I'll definitely find out soon," she said.

As for decorating the nursery? "I haven't started any of that yet. All of it is internal at this point."

If it's a girl, may we suggest pin-ups of her former co-stars like Andrew McCarthy, Robert Downey Jr., Sean Penn, and Johnny Depp? And if it's a boy, posters of Lea Thompson, Drew Barrymore, Mary Louise Parker and ... Kathy Bates.

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Congrats Mary!

P.S. "Chances Are" is one of our all time favorite body-switching flicks of the '80s, but we decided reincarnation themed movies belong in a category unto themselves. Sorry!

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