Shea Walsh / Invision/AP 1 / 8
Shea Walsh / Invision/AP 1 / 8

Alanis Morissette says she was so severely affected by post-partum depression following the 2010 birth of her first child, son Ever, that she experienced a lot of physical pain and struggled to complete even basic tasks.

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Morissette tells British magazine You, "I had a natural birth at home in my bedroom. It was very long -- over 25 hours -- and harrowing. Not unusually for me, I was silent, so it felt like this long drug trip of a prayer that was physically excruciating. My husband saved the day. When I asked him, he would squeeze my head. At other times he would just be there, and that was all I needed."

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She continued, "The degree and intensity of my post-natal depression shocked me. I am predisposed to depression, but what surprised me this time was the physical pain. I hadn't realized the depths to which you can ache -- limbs, back, torso, head, everything hurt -- and it went on for 15 months. I felt as if I was covered in tar and everything took 50 times more effort than normal. I wished I could have cried, but there was no relief during that time; my version of depression is almost below crying, where there is just despondency. ... I had various therapies, and now I feel all light and springy. Thankfully, it didn't interfere with the bond with my son, although I think that has strengthened since I got better in April."

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