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By Jessica Wedemeyer

Hurricanes don't get star struck, so when they blow through cities, even the rich and famous are at risk. Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria Thomas found out this fact of life when Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast. The couple, who live in a West Village apartment in New York City, suffered one minor hiccup during the storm: Hilaria's couture.

"We had a leak, but we're very fortunate," Hilaria told Wonderwall exclusively at the premiere -- sponsored by Audi and HP -- of Alec's animated film "Rise of the Guardians" at the AFI Film Festival.

"It leaked into her closet," explained Alec at the Nov. 4 event. "It went into the closet with all her beautiful clothes in there."

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Hilaria has channeled her energy into helping her neighbors, some of whom lost much more than a few fancy ball gowns during the storm.

"What we did last week was everything from going grocery shopping to going and checking in on our neighbors," Hilaria said. "Some of our neighbors are very old. They've been living in the building for 50 years. They can't get up and down the stairs. So simple things, simple but important things. But now everybody's rallying together."

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"Everybody should get involved," she added. "I think it should be important to everybody who lives in New York. My friend is out in Staten Island today volunteering, fixing houses, and she's sending me pictures of these houses, and they're completely, completely wrecked."

Hilaria isn't the only member of the family helping out. Alec popped in on hundreds of displaced students from New York University, his alma mater, who were evacuated from their dorms, helping briefly raise their spirits.

Superstorm Sandy and drowned dresses aside, the "30 Rock" star and his bride, who tied the knot on June 30, seem to be enjoying their time as newlyweds. And what exactly has been the best part of married life for the yoga instructor? There are simply too many to choose from!

"I mean, look at him!" she gushed.

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Well, we certainly know what Hilaria means. But apparently her husband is somewhat less confident about his handsome looks. "The good news about when I do animated films and voice a character is that I don't have to worry about my hair and my makeup," Alec said. "I don't have to worry about, 'Do I have a pimple?'"

"And he breaks out all the time," his new wife teased.