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By Melissa Hunter, reporting by Mary S. Park

Wonderwall chatted with Victoria's Secret Angel / Brazilian goddess Alessandra Ambrosio on Monday. The supermodel threw some support behind feminine, er, support at an event celebrating Victoria's Secret's successful bra lines at their Soho store. Aside from VS, Alessandra was recently recruited for Prada's latest fashion show, as were two other "Angels." This marks a decided departure from Prada's infamously stick-figured models and a move toward curvy ladies. Read on to hear Alessandra's thoughts on the curvy trend, her segue into motherhood, and what's really in that Brazilian supermodel-breeding water.

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Wonderwall: How is your new Prada job different from your gig with Victoria's Secret?

Alessandra: Oh, it's completely different. I'm covered from head-to-toe [for Prada] and I'm very exposed, showing my whole body [for Victoria's Secret] ... one is more fashion and the other one is all about showing your curves. But it's a show, you're on the runway, anything can happen.

WW: Prada cast three VS models in their runway show. Why?

AA: Victoria's Secret knows what's beautiful and sexy, and I guess other brands are coming in now and following that.

WW: Is it more terrifying showing curves on a runway?

AA: Oh yeah ... Before I get onto the runway for Victoria's Secret, I'm so nervous. And at the Prada show, I was much more comfortable, much more cool. It was just easier.

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WW: How do you feel about the trend shift from stick-thin models to curvier ones?

AA: I think it's very nice that they're putting healthier girls on the runway, because it encourages people to have a healthy lifestyle.

WW: How do you prepare for a Victoria's Secret show?

AA: Before the show, I'm at the gym working out to have everything perfect ... And I guess just trying to be healthy and exercising. Not every day ... You can always cheat a little bit. Chocolate here and there and pizza. You need to have fun.

WW: How do you keep your figure as a new mom? Is there something in that Brazilian water?

AA: I'm just playing with [my daughter]. That helps a lot. I love doing yoga. I was just [in Brazil] and I was surfing, walking on the beach. You know, I try to eat fresh stuff, like fresh fruit, vegetables, coconut water from the coconut. Being Brazilian, you kind of grow up with all these natural things.

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WW: How would you feel if your daughter ever wanted to become a Victoria's Secret model?

AA: I would totally support her. I've been working for Victoria's Secret for a long time. And they always encourage us to lead a healthy lifestyle and to show women as healthy. So, I would totally support her if she wanted to.

WW: What do you think about a mother/daughter Victoria's Secret runway show?

AA: Uh, I don't know! A lot of the Victoria's Secret's models now have babies, so it would be funny and fun.