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Charles Sykes / Invision/AP 1 / 5

With seemingly unlimited resources, celebrities like Heidi Klum and Seal spend months thinking ahead to Halloween, the one day of the year when they can don stilts and the most insane makeup ever imagined.

Wonderwall managed to chat with a transformed Heidi Klum at her annual Halloween party in New York, where the sparkly purple supermodel talked about her love for Halloween, her crazy costume and who she thinks is the sexiest man alive.

Wonderwall: Explain your costume. Why did you choose this?

Heidi Klum: I wanted to be like an alien Transformer, and yeah, that's what it is!

WW: Is this your favorite costume ever?

HK: No, I like all of them! I like all of them!

WW: Did your kids see you like this?

HK: No, they're in LA. They haven't seen this yet. I said to my husband, we're going to have to redo this again one more time for them when we get home because they're really into superheroes, especially the boys.

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WW: How long did it take you to get ready?

HK: It took a few hours. Yeah, but you know, I was well prepared because someone has been building it for me for quite sometime. So when the times comes, I just put it on. But to make it takes a little while longer.


WW: What are the kids wearing?

HK: I have a little princess, I have a witch, a Superman and a Dracula.


WW: Are you afraid you'll fall over?

HK: Yeah, I mean, it can happen. I can't really bend anything.

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WW: What if you have to use the bathroom?

HK: Then I will have to go there!


WW: How did Seal choose his costume?

HK: He didn't want to be on stilts, so he thought instead of height, I'm going to go wider. And um, so he wanted to be the Silver Surfer but muscular.


WW: You're more vocal this season on "Project Runway."

HK: I'm always vocal, it's about how much gets cut out. Sometimes they put more in and sometimes they don't.

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WW: Are your kids as excited about Halloween as you are?

HK: Are you joking? They love it! If it was up to them, we would go to the pumpkin patch every day and they would wear costumes every day. They would keep the spiders hanging on our house for the rest of the year. They love it. We have scary things on the door and we do all the pumpkins.


WW: Who is the sexiest man alive, other than your husband?

HK: No, there is no sexier man than my husband.