Christopher Peterson / Splash News 1 / 11
Christopher Peterson / Splash News 1 / 11

Amanda Bynes made her 27th birthday celebration a very public one on Wednesday. The former child star was spotted out and about in New York during the day, wearing a furry hooded jacket, black sweatpants and sandals (sans socks!) in the cold 40-degree weather.

But the red-headed actress, who wore a similar outfit a few days earlier (with socks, on Monday), accessorized her getup with a few choice pieces of jewelry for the big day.

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"She was blinged out -- had on a Cartier Love bracelet and Love ring, a Rolex watch and a ruby-and-diamond ring," an eyewitness tells Us. "I've never seen her with all that stuff on, maybe [it was] a gift for her birthday?"

In a since-deleted tweet, Bynes previously contended that a woman who has been photographed around New York is not her, but, in fact, an impostor.

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"My hair is blonde, I've never been a redhead!" she wrote. "Somebody keeps posing as me! Check my photos on Twitter for up to date pictures!"

The woman in question has Bynes' telltale cheek piercings, pouty lips, sunglasses, and jewelry -- including a red and silver ring that the "real Bynes" often wears on her right hand.

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On Wednesday, however, the actress looked out of sorts as she tried to maneuver her way through Times Square.

"[She was] walking through Times Square and not stopping for traffic or looking out for coming cars," the eyewitness adds. "There was a moment she crossed 7th Avenue that I thought she was going to get hit."


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