Amanda Bynes may not be happy with her body, but she's sure not shy about showing it off! The 27-year-old Hairspray star tweeted two revealing selfies on Apr. 30. Both pictures featured the actress wearing a lacy black bra and yoga pants. "About to put on makeup! I weigh 135 -- I've gained weight!" Bynes wrote in one photo caption. "I need to be 100 lbs!"

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In the second image, the All That vet wrote, "One more pre-makeup!" Both pictures appear to have been taken in Bynes' bathroom.

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Less than a week ago, the New York City-based star shared two pictures of her shocking new haircut. "Buzzed half my head like Cassie," Bynes said, referencing the singer best known for her 2006 hit "Me & U."

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Bynes added, "No more old photos! This is the new me! I love it!"

In addition to tweeting daily photos of herself, Bynes often professes her love for Drake, 26. The "Started From the Bottom" rapper has not publicly acknowledged the actress' affections. "All I want is a boyfriend who wants us to grow old and to get fat together," Bynes tweeted Apr. 24.

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