Miko Lim / Details 1 / 6
Miko Lim / Details 1 / 6

By Dana Flax

At the ripe old age of 23, Amber Heard has more credits under her belt than one can count on one, or two, or five hands. And maybe it's because she's pretty darn agro. (Being totally vampy hot couldn't hurt, either.) In this month's issue of Details, the actress comes clean on her assertive role-snatching tactics, sexual proclivities (or lack thereof), and how she owns a pistol -- and she probably knows how to use it. Check out some highlights from the article below, and then see the rest exclusive coverage on Details.

Amber Heard: American Dream Girl

On possibly the only successful example of that old 'writing a letter' threat:

"I said, 'Hold on, you're not gonna cast this without me.' I wrote a letter to the director [of her upcoming film "The Joneses"] and I made sure I met with him."

"The Rum Diary" writer/director Bruce Robinson, on Amber's all-American, kinda French, appeal:

"I was looking for the American dream girl, a kind of young Catherine Deneuve with a lascivious edge, and Amber is exactly that."

For Amber, it's all about free love, man:

"I'm open to whoever. I think it is absurd to assume that I have to look in a certain category. ... It's silly to look in one category or another. I would never imagine a mate based on a certain sex or race."

On being the atheist black sheep throughout her religious Texas upbringing:

"I did what I needed to do to be independent. I never felt like I was telling the truth when I prayed. When you're growing up and one thing is cool and admired and another is distasteful, where does that put you if you side with the latter? It put me ... out."


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