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It looks like Amber Portwood's jail time has done her some good. After serving 17 months of her five-year sentence, the former "Teen Mom" star was released in November 2013, and broke her silence about her experience in an episode of "Dr. Phil," set to air on Dec. 20.

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"This is actually my first time on stage sober, so I'm really nervous," she revealed to the talk show host in a preview clip .

Portwood confirmed to Dr. Phil that, indeed, she was almost always under the influence while filming the controversial MTV reality series.

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"Every time you see me on that show, I am high," she continued.

The single, 23-year-old mother (to daughter Leah Shirley, 5) opted for a five-year jail sentence in May 2012 after relapsing following previous rehab stints for her addiction to prescription pills.

After a series of domestic violence arrests (prior to her jail sentence), Portwood attempted to take her own life in June 2011. She called ex-boyfriend and Leah's father Gary Shirley to tell him that she was trying to commit suicide and police found her semi-conscious with a noose around her neck.

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Dr. Phil asked the troubled star if she really wanted to end her life.

"I didn't care," she replied.

Amber Portwood's interview with Dr. Phil airs on Dec. 20.


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