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By Kat Giantis

Amy Winehouse's Caribbean sojourn apparently got her creative juices flowing -- in the wrong direction. The London Sun claims the demo tracks the singer-cum-cautionary tale penned and recorded during her extended stay on St. Lucia have struck a sour note with her record label.

"Amy was very productive during her stay in St. Lucia. She wrote a hell of a lot of songs, but the majority of them just aren't hitting the mark," a mole tells the tabloid. "She seems to have ditched her trademark vintage soul sound and is now heavily influenced by reggae. Her bosses don't think it's a wise move to change her style so sharply and have told her that."

Another problem with her seemingly less than positive vibrations: Winehouse, who hasn't produced a new album since 2006's mega-selling and critically beloved "Back to Black," is said to have used her epically dysfunctional relationship with estranged husband Blake Fielder-Civil as inspiration, producing material that may be a mite too raw.

"The lyrics are very dark indeed," shares the insider. "In the past, she's written frequently about broken hearts and boyfriends, but this time round she's delving into harrowing terrain."

And the ditties may only get dicier judging by the rickety but ever-so-slightly healthier-looking chanteuse's recent Facebook posting about her jailbird ex, who was released last month from his latest stint in the pokey.

"I don't think I'll ever see him again," sighed Winehouse.

All together: Fingers crossed and here's hoping.

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