Angelina Jolie made time for family fun while filming 'Salt.' Partner Brad Pitt brought their children to the set, so the mom of six could play around with her globe-trotting tykes. The Associated Press reports that her son didn't even recognize her while disguised as her character.

"They played with fake blood and they found Mommy very strange in her different hair," she recalled of playing a bit of dress-up.

While in costume as accused Russian spy Evelyn Salt, Angie could even stump her own family. She could be a fly on the wall in her own house and son Maddox wouldn't recognize her. According to the AP, she told reporters in Japan that he reluctantly shook hands with her when she was dressed as a male naval officer in the film. Upon seeing his expression, she assured him, "'Honey, it's Mommy.'"

To teach him real versus make believe, she peeled off her fake ears, hands, and nose, revealing her true self. "I play these roles, but I'm always in every minute their mom first. I'm a bit goofy. I'm funny at home, I think," she said of prioritizing family over Hollywood. Angelina also emphasized that Brad is her rock and she couldn't balance both worlds without his active involvement.

Though the kids got a behind the scenes look of 'Salt,' Angie is keeping them from seeing the finished product. "I think it's hard for them to see someone trying to kill their mom, even if she wins," she said protectively.

'Salt' is in theaters now.

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