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Guess six ain't enough.

Angelina Jolie says she and Brad Pitt aren't necessarily done having kids via adoption or the old-fashioned way.

On Wednesday's "Larry King Live," Jolie, 35, said she has "no plans at the moment," to add a seventh child to her big brood with Pitt, 46. "But we're always open [to the idea]," she admitted.

The actress, whose movie "The Tourist" opens on Friday, also explained how she and Pitt keep their kids' fears in check when they're swarmed by photographers.

"Well, we try not to get them into the middle of it," she explained. "We try to get them around things and under things [to hide from paparazzi]."

When a shutterbug does get a shot of Shiloh and the gang? "We just have to kind of smile and say, 'Don't worry, it's not scary. They just like to take pictures. ... As a parent, the only thing you can do is try to make sure that they don't feel it's a threat. You don't act like it's a threat, and you just keep smiling so they don't feel anything negative."


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