Anna Faris has starred in a series of box office hits, but the 34-year-old actress says she almost gave up on her career before it even began.

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"I quit acting in college," she revealed on The Late Show with David Letterman Tuesday. "I just didn't think it was practical."

"Well, it's not practical," the 64-year-old host agreed. "For a few lucky folks, it is quite lucrative, but not practical."

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Faris decided to give acting one more shot after realizing she lacked sufficient typing skills. "I don't really know how to do anything with computers," the What's Your Number? actress laughed. "I had no other options career-wise!"

Luckily, Faris' parents encouraged her to pursue her dream of becoming a movie star.

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"I don't know why they were so supportive, but they were. Although I don't think they wanted me to go into spoof comedy," the Scary Movie actress laughed. "My mom wanted me to be like Amelia Earhart or Joan of Arc. Lofty! Instead I'm queen of spoof comedies."

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