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J. Scott Applewhite / Invision/AP 1 / 8

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have yet to take official steps to end their 25-year union, but are the financial details of their divorce nearly finalized?

"Entertainment Tonight" reports the secret-child-fathering former governor has been "extremely conciliatory" with his estranged missus as their respective legal pit bulls have worked out a deal to divvy up his estimated $300 million fortune.

Word is, Arnold has agreed to give Maria "everything she's wanted and more," which seems like the least he can do, considering. "The divorce agreement is going to clearly divide the assets and is going to give Maria Shriver a bit extra because of all the pain she's gone through," says author-reporter Ian Halperin.

According to Hollywood Life, that means Shriver could walk away with an Everest-sized mountain of money.

"If Arnold is worth $300 million, than Maria is likely to get $100 million," posits attorney Raoul Felder. "One third of that was probably money Arnold earned before he got married. So she would get half of $200 million because in the state of California it's 50-50."

Perhaps that massive figure is why "ET" claims the negotiations started out "frosty" but "gradually" thawed.

"Maria wants to ensure that she gets a fair settlement and that her children's future is secure, that is all she cares about, period," a source explains to Radar Online. "She and Arnold do talk, they have to -- they have four children together. But, Maria has made it clear to Arnold that there is no chance at a reconciliation. Arnold finally seems to be accepting this, but he doesn't like it."


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