Nikki Nelson / WENN 1 / 19
Nikki Nelson / WENN 1 / 19

Actor David Arquette is celebrating after successfully managing a year of sobriety following a stint in rehab.

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The "Scream" star completed a four-week program in a rehabilitation facility in January after entering the venue over the New Year's weekend to receive treatment for "alcohol and other issues," following his separation from actress Courteney Cox Arquette in October last year.

Arquette has since undergone a lifestyle overhaul, competing on "Dancing With the Stars," and moving on with a new girlfriend.

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Now the star has reached 365 days alcohol-free, even refusing to take medication following a car crash in March, in order to stay clean.

In a post on Twitter, Arquette writes, "Today marks 1 year of sobriety for me. I thank God for the strength and guidance and my family and friends for their love and support & I TY (thank you)."

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