Dan Steinberg / Invision/AP 1 / 5
Dan Steinberg / Invision/AP 1 / 5

Reporting by Mary Park

Wonderwall caught up with Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz at the AXE Instinct and Rolling Stone "Power of Leather" party at Hard Rock in New York. AXE was celebrating the launch of a new leather-scented deodorant spray (I think I speak for everyone when I say, finally!!!). We have a hunch PETA sat out for this party.

So, what did the new parents have to say for themselves? It was pretty much a combination of cow skin, diapers and Twitter.

Wonderwall: AXE Instinct is leather scented. Why is the smell of leather such a turn on?

Ashlee: For me, there's a rough part to it and it's sexy and whenever I wear leather, I feel a little bit tougher, but it's always sexy on a man too!

Q: What made you team up with Axe tonight?

Ashlee: We both are into leather!

Pete: You can't really beat a leather jacket.

Ashlee: It's good old rock and roll. Its sexy. It's tough. And the new scent is awesome.

Q: Ashlee, you just got cast in the new Melrose Place...

Ashlee: It's fun for me. My role really changes through the season so it's exciting for me to play.

Q: And when you acted on "CSI" together, what was that like?

Pete: I ran her lines with her, she ran mine with me. We're good sounding boards for each other.

Ashlee: Yeah!

Q: Are things different for you now as parents?

Ashlee: Totally! I mean, having a child, you grow every day with your child.

Q: How do you guys divide the responsibilities of parenting? (to Pete) Are you diapering?

Pete: We don't really divide them. I mean, I think that as Mom and Dad, all that comes naturally. We don't have a set of rules that Mom does and that Dad does.

Q: What are you loving most about the experience of being parents?

Pete: I think the whole thing is a new adventure.

Ashlee: Yeah -- it's the best thing ever.

Q: Do you find time for yourselves?

Pete: I mean, he does take a lot of naps! Yes!

Q: What did you do for Father's Day?

Pete: We did nothing and it was awesome! (to Ashlee) She gave me a bunch of presents!

Q: What kind of cute milestone has Bronx had lately?

Ashlee: Lots of "Da das!"

Pete: Everyday -- the awesome thing about having a baby is everyday is a new milestone. I think that he's always discovering new things every day.

Q: When will Bronx get a Twitter account?

Ashlee: Not right now! He's 7 months! (laughs)

Pete: Were keeping Bronx off Twitter for as long as possible!