Bittersweet memories of the way they were.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Pete Wentz weren't stingy with public declarations of affection shortly  before their shocking Wednesday divorce announcement.

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Wentz sounded extremely wistful about his wife and their son Bronx this past Monday, just two days before their divorce was announced. He Tweeted: "Don't forget to notice--when I look into the lil dude's eyes and smile, the way he loves. I realize [Ashlee] is a good [mama] and so much more."

Ashlee's last Tweet to her man was Jan. 19. "I already miss your handsome face!" she wrote.

The couple married in May 2008, when Ashlee was about three months pregnant with son Bronx, now 2.

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In the December issue of Women's Health mag, Ashlee, 26, detailed how Fall Out Boy rocker Wentz, 31, won her heart in late 2006.

"He worked hard to get me, let me tell ya," the singer and actress said. "But I'm glad he did, because there were moments when we had become such good friends and I was like, 'Oh my God, I'm in love with you!'"

"He's my best friend in the world, and he's an amazing dad," Ashlee cooed.

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"[Being married] made me able to share more. Now Pete and Bronx come first. It has humbled me." Pete was also a good partner as Ashlee struggled with her body image during and after her pregnancy. "Pete isn't worried about stretch marks," she said. "He always makes me feel sexy."

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