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Elizabeth Sullivan / Splash News 1 / 4

By Melissa Hunter

Whenever I'm in doubt about love, I always ask myself: What would Eliot Spitzer's ex-escort do? So it was only a matter of time before Ashley Dupre got her very own love advice column in the New York Post.

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We assumed the mistress scandals of yesteryear had been cleared from our memories to make room in our brains for the dozens of Tigresses we now try to keep straight. But Dupre has found a way to make herself relevant again by launching her column "Ask Ashley." She's just like Carrie Bradshaw, guys! Only instead of a fashionable, savvy fictional columnist, she's a bikini-clad IRL hooker.

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So far, Ashley has given advice on the happiness of husbands, raising daughters, and why some girlfriends *gasp!* don't like porn. While I admit Dear Abby is a little dated ... come on, ladies. We do not need to turn to Ashley Dupre for advice on these matters. She does, however, have in-depth knowledge on some unique issues, which I would encourage all readers to ask.

- How to know a man is cheating (Subtext: Are you sleeping with my husband, Ashley?)

- How to go into hiding (... in style!)

- The ins and outs of wire tapping

- The difference between a call girl and a hooker (I'm actually kind of curious about that one)

- How to leverage an affair into an advice column

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The NY Post isn't exactly the highest class paper, but come on, guys. Unless of course their key demo is mistresses of famous men. I guess with the growing number of Tiger mistresses, that's a possibility.