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MICHAEL SIMON / StarTraks 1 / 11

Though Ashley Tisdale prefers to stay pretty mum when it comes to her love life, the "High School Musical" star, who tied the knot with rocker Christopher French earlier this month, couldn't resist gushing to Wonderwall about one thing: his loyalty! Fresh from co-producing an episode of the Lindt HELLO chocolate collection's romantic comedy video series "It Started With Hello," the 29-year-old actress chatted about her connection with her husband, what she finds romantic, and her friendship with Vanessa Hudgens.

Wonderwall: How did your past experience running your own production company, Blond Girl Productions, carry over to the Lindt project?

"For anything that is scripted, I am more in-tune with the performance. Being an actress, I am able to see that more."

WW: Are you transitioning to doing more behind-the-scenes work?

"I think it's always going to be keeping a balance. But right now, I am going into production for a TV series, 'Buzzy's,' in March, and we are premiering next June. I have been wanting to get back to sitcoms. Acting is my No. 1 thing."

WW: What's your idea of a romantic evening?

"The first couple of dates, I'm definitely someone who likes to be more casual. I think when it's super-romantic, it's a little bit of pressure and you're like 'Oh my God, this is nerve-racking. I'm just one of those girls that you can just take to dinner and not have to romance completely. I'm definitely someone who likes the idea, but I'd rather go to a cool restaurant that's not so dark. For me, romance is the smaller things. I'm definitely someone who is adventurous and spunky."

WW: Are you a hopeless romantic?

"Yeah! I definitely am. I'm definitely someone who loves romantic comedies: 'My Best Friend's Wedding'; 'Just Married'; 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.' And I listen to Taylor Swift's music all of the time."

WW: Did falling for your husband open your eyes to a new kind of romance or love story?

"Definitely! Obviously! He definitely inspires me for sure. It's one of those moments where in the past everything else was just kind of forced or just not right in past relationships. Then finally when you just, like, are in the one that's the one, you are just like 'Oh, wow! This is how this is supposed to be.' So it's just natural and nice. It's just one of those moments that you just know."

WW: How does he inspire you?

"He inspires me in so many different ways, but just being a better person. In everyday life he inspires me in work and in just friendship. I never really had someone guy-wise who was a loyal person, so it's really nice to have someone be as loyal as … I hold loyalty and respect really high. So it's like 'Oh, there's someone who is giving back as much as I'm giving.'"

WW: What is your idea of a romantic encounter?

"I think it's that first connection. You just feel it. It's just an exciting time I think. It's the first spark where you go 'Oh my God, this is so great.' I definitely can relate to that moment for sure. You always remember it too, that moment."

WW: You recently had a "High School Musical" reunion. How was that?

"Monique [Coleman] does this charity where she was having a dinner with the cast. So there was a winner a couple of months ago and she was finally able to get us in one area to do it. It was the best time. We were just talking about anything and everything. [The winner] was so a part of it because we hadn't seen each other in so long. It's been years since we've been all together like that."

WW: You and "High School Musical" co-star Vanessa Hudgens have really stayed close over the years. How has your relationship grown?

"The six of us came from something, so we will always have this connection of something we've been through together. Over the years, though, she's really grown up and is such a beautiful person. It's nice to grow together and lean on each other in moments that we've needed. It doesn't matter how busy we both are, if I pick up the phone and call her, she's always there. So to have that kind of friendship has been awesome."