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Ben Flajnik of "The Bachelor" is a bachelor once again.

"After meeting over a year ago, we have decided to end our romantic relationship," Flajnik and Season 16 contestant Courtney Robertson tell In Touch in a joint statement. "The ups and downs weighed heavily on us both and ultimately we started to grow apart because of the distance, time apart, and our need to focus on our respective careers. We have nothing but the utmost respect for each other, and both feel this is the right decision. We continue to remain friends and will support each other in future endeavors. Thanks to everyone for your love and support, it's been quite a ride."

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This isn't the first time the two have called it quits. Ben called off their engagement in February, before getting back together again.

"At one point the pressure became too much and I told her I needed a break. Courtney was cool enough to allow me time to clear my head," Ben confessed in his blog on People.com in March. "I became worried about staying in a relationship that had so much negativity surrounding it, so I eventually called off the engagement and we broke up."

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Ben proposed to Courtney on the finale of "The Bachelor," where she beat out fan favorite Lindzi Cox to get the final rose.


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