The roses are red, but contestants on "Bachelor Pad" are going after the green. The last bachelor or bachelorette standing walks away with $250,000 and maybe their soul mate. Only time will tell who prioritizes money or love, or if the two can work in tandem.

Tenley, the runner-up from Jake Pavelka's season of "The Bachelor," was first to arrive at the house. She was followed by 18 other previous contestants from seasons of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette." Lovelorn men and women were reunited, new friends and enemies were made, and alliances were formed.

Some participants came into the house with a somewhat ongoing relationship with one another. Kiptyn and Tenley went out to dinner a few times. Elizabeth professed her love for Jesse K., but he didn't return the emotional bond. She pulled him aside to give him an ultimatum that he should treat her nicer or she would have the women gang up on him when it came time to vote.

Plus, Jesse B. and Natalie had an instant attraction, already making out on the premiere episode. Meanwhile, Gia moved in to the house, leaving her boyfriend at home. Will she keep her eyes on the prize or will her eyes wander to the hunky men?

In the first challenge, a giant Twister board was spread on the lawn. Co-host Melissa Rycroft-Strickland spun the wheel and refereed the game. The winner Craig M. was named the winner and given a rose to save him from the first elimination ceremony.

He selected Jessie S., the runner-up, Gwen, and Elizabeth to take out on a date. Upon arrival at The Greek Theatre, the date was cut short for Gwen and Elizabeth, who were sent directly back to the mansion. Craig M. presented Jessie S. with a rose to save her from possible elimination. The two enjoyed a private concert by The Calling.

Back at the pad, a rumor spread that Michelle and Craig M. had hooked up. This chatter very much upset Michelle and she confronted Tenley about stirring up the trouble. Tenley was brought to hysterics over the argument in which she was locked in the bathroom and felt threatened. Juan and Nikki also had a bit of dispute and Nikki would not accept his apology on the grounds that it was insincere.

Michelle was voted off by the gents. Craig M., who she allegedly had a fling with, even placed a vote to eliminate her. Juan also got his eviction notice from the ladies.

"Bachelor Pad" airs Monday nights on ABC.

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