Amid the beautiful backdrop of Istanbul, Turkey, "The Bachelorette"'s Ali Fedotowsky was shocked to her core on Monday night's episode, when she discovered that one of the bachelors has been competing for her love while having two girlfriends back home. Also in the episode, Ali cuts right to the chase and eliminates another bachelor!

When host Chris Harrison shows up to Ali's hotel room unexpectedly to announce that former "Bachelor" contestant Jessie had contacted him to reveal that bachelor Justin has two girlfriends back home, Ali is set off.

Jessie tells Ali over the phone that she knows Justin's girlfriend Jessica, before putting her on the phone with Ali. A tearful Jessica tells Ali, "Me and Justin have been dating for the past, almost two years now." She goes on to reveal that the real reason Justin joined the show was to get publicity and promote his wrestling career.

Jessica also confesses to helping Justin take head shots. She also reveals that a couple of days after Justin left for "The Bachelorette," she learned that Justin had yet another girlfriend.

"It's disgusting what Justin did…I want him on the first plane back to Canada," a stunned Ali told Chris.

Ali immediately confronts Justin about his two girlfriends back home in front of the other bachelors, saying, "You probably really miss your girlfriend in Canada." Justin stormed out of the hotel, evading Ali and the cameras at all costs, before finally agreeing to talk to her and denying the allegations.

As Justin walked away from cameras, three subsequent voicemails continued to play, in which the wrestler from Canada professed his love for Jessica on his way home to Canada.

After the drama with Justin unfolded, a resilient Ali went on one-on-one date with 31-year-old Ty. The date got steamy at the Turkish baths before Ali questioned Ty about his previous marriage over dinner. Ali finished the date by handing Ty a rose, but not before telling him that she had concerns with him.

Next up, Ali went on a group date with Chris L., Kirk, Roberto, and Craig R., which found the bachelors competing for alone-time with Ali by oil wrestling! And the winner ended up being attorney Craig R.

Craig R. and Ali then ventured off onto a boat, enjoyed dinner together and ended the night watching fireworks. Craig made his feelings very clear, telling Ali, "I've never met anybody like you."

Then, Ali went on her second one-on-one date with Frank, 31. The blonde beauty said that her connection with Frank had fizzled and that she was hoping for a reconnection. Ali said she feels nervous about Frank, but that she feels "something she's never felt before" with him--giving him a rose by the night's end.

And by the end of her Mediterranean adventure in Turkey, Ali was sure who she was going to send home. Choosing to skip the cocktail hour and cut right to the chase, Ali eliminated Craig R., saying the "romance was missing."

Next up on "The Bachelorette," Ali and the remaining men head to Lisbon, Portugal. In a future episode, they continue on to Tahiti, where things appear to fall apart with one-time frontrunner Frank.

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