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No regrets for Ali Fedotowsky.

As recently revealed by Us Weekly, "The Bachelorette" star winds up with a fiance and a ring on her finger on the ABC show's Aug. 2 finale, with an early 2011 wedding in the works.

"I'm just confident in the decisions I made," Fedotowsky, 25, told Entertainment Tonight at Thursday's Bowling with the Stars Event at Lucky Strike Lanes in Hollywood.

On this past Monday's episode, she whittled down her suitors to a final trio: Roberto, Chris L., and Frank, showing Kirk the door.

The former Facebook ad sales rep, 25, also hinted about which two men will make it to the finish line. "Both guys just have so much integrity," she told USMagazine.com at Thursday's event. "They are just stand-up, honorable and have a lot of respect for others. I just think they are men."

She added, "They are both the type of guys that any mother or father dream that their daughter would find. And I think that's what makes them really great guys!"

The reality star admitted that she's anxious to step out with her husband-to-be once the finale airs. "I'm sort of in a limbo phase in my life right now...I'm really looking forward to everything sort of wrapping up!"


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