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Here we go again. Just weeks after John Mayer responded to a report of a rumored reconciliation with Jennifer Aniston by politely suggesting that the source, ahem, get to know itself biblically, he's supposedly been spied in the company of his two-time ex.

That's according to Radar Online, which claims the lately socially active actress turned up backstage after catching the crooner's Lakewood, Ga., concert last week.

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Aniston, who has been in the Atlanta area shooting "Wanderlust" with Paul Rudd (better known as the movie that may feature her in a topless scene), reportedly arrived at the venue wearing workout clothes and a baseball cap pulled down low.

(You know, that outfit description makes us wonder about the reliability of this sighting: Jen rarely steps out in public looking anything less than completely put together, so exercise gear seems like a stretch -- OK, unintentional pun, but we're leaving it. Plus, why would she put her million-dollar mane at risk for hat-head? Anyway, moving on ...)

"She looked gorgeous and seemed to be really enjoying herself," maintains the source. "She and John laughed a lot."

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Soon after, says Radar, Aniston and Mayer, along with a crowd of people from his tour, headed back to her hotel, the Ritz-Carlton, where he booked a suite for a spur-of-the-moment shindig.

The singer, who admitted earlier this year that he's "never really gotten over" his breakup with the A-lister (they dated off-and-on from the spring of 2008 to March 2009), has now wrapped up his tour and plans to lie low.

"Time to (try to) disappear for a while," he wrote to fans Sunday on his Tumblr. "Love you guys. A lot."

That announcement comes on the heels of Us Weekly's contention that he's working hard to mend his ways after the fallout from his head-slapping Playboy interview, when he introduced the term "sexual napalm" into the vernacular and tossed around the N-word.

"He's happier when his life's less complicated by girls!" says a source.

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As for Aniston, she's been playing the field, enjoying so-called "flirty" back-to-back dinner dates earlier this month with restaurateur Harry Morton and "Cougar Town" actor Josh Hopkins, who is good-naturedly downplaying the significance of their night out.

"No, no, we're just friends - just friends having dinner," he insisted to People magazine on Sunday. "There's a lot of friends I'd less rather go to dinner with."

Besides, he adds to "Entertainment Tonight," tongue firmly in cheek, while Jen is "really pretty and smart and funny," she's "not my type really."

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