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Jackson Lee / Splash News 1 / 6

By Rebecca Silverstein

Did you know that Aug. 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week? Don't worry -- we didn't either. But former "Housewife" and new mom Bethenny Frankel knows all about it. She's helping the people at Ameda get the word out about their "I Breastfeed Because …" campaign, during which they're donating $5 to charity for every video uploaded to their site about the benefits of breast-feeding and $1 for every tweet or comment about the movement. (Click here for more info.)

So what's next for Bethenny now that she's married … with child? Keep reading for clips from our interview; plus, watch the full-length video to find out which "Housewife" she'd let babysit Bryn, how she lost her baby weight, and more.

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Wonderwall: What has surprised you most about motherhood?

BF: I think the most surprising thing about motherhood is that, you know, it's obviously going to be a lot of work, but you don't experience that until you have a child. A baby doesn't educate itself. It's not like your dog where you can be like, "All right, we'll be back later! There's water!" It's really an every-minute-of-the-day job. It's an incredible job. I find it fascinating that so many people ask me how I'm successful in business, because I really can't believe that so many people raise children. Because I think it's so hard. It's really a challenge.

WW: What's been Bryn's latest milestone?

BF: Bryn's latest milestone has been the giggling and smiling and the cooing. Just to get a smile out of her can make your entire day.

WW: Does she smile easily?

BF: She doesn't smile easily. She does smile more now. I kiss her nose, or do a little tickling, or big animated faces and so it's fun. You have to bring on the smile. I love it.

WW: Who do you think she looks like more: you or Jason?

BF: She looks like Jason, but oddly, she has all my features. Her face is my shape, her nose and ears are mine, but she still looks like Jason ... it's his general coloring and his eyes. She just looks like him. So maybe later she'll look like both of us. But I really wanted a girl and I got what I wanted, so I feel like that's what he gets: He gets that she looks like him.

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WW: Do you ever miss filming with the ladies of "Housewives"? How is filming "Bethenny Getting Married?" different than filming with everybody else?

BF: That's a good question. I really haven't gotten that question yet. I don't miss a single, solitary thing about filming "Housewives." I mean, not a moment. What's different about filming "Bethenny Getting Married?" is it's just about my life. It's something where I know what's going on. I don't know what's going on in somebody else's house. I kind of know what's going on in the entire show because it's really ... I'm the center of the show. It's about Jason, and myself, and the office. But it's not all fun and games. Now it's filming six times what I filmed then, because that was six housewives. At least six -- it was like six to eight, at one point. In my show, I'm carrying the same amount of time, but it's just me. There's a lot of filming and you want to say no, but you can't say no. You can't say, "Go film Ramona," because there is no Ramona. So sometimes it becomes a really heavy workload. But I love it.

WW: If there's a Season Two of "Bethenny Getting Married?" will you change the name of the show because you are married?

BF: I don't know if it will have the same name. I think it's a good name because it's a brand now, so to change the name -- maybe "Bethenny Is Married!", maybe "Bethenny's Getting Drunk!" Maybe change a couple of things.

WW: There are so many celebrity babies. What celebrity baby would you want to have Bryn have a playdate with?

BF: I keep thinking Shiloh, although I don't want to give my child a complex, because Shiloh is the most gorgeous human being ever to grace this Earth. And Bryn's beautiful, but I don't want her to have a complex, although she'll be so secure and confident as a human being that she'll be fine being around Shiloh.

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