Patricia Schlein / WENN 1 / 7
Patricia Schlein / WENN 1 / 7

Bethenny Frankel's former management team is salivating for a slice of the Skinnygirl pie.

Head honchos at Raw Talent in Los Angeles claim they are owed $12 million worth of the reality star's $120 million Skinnygirl Cocktail empire, plus $100 million in punitive damages, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In a lawsuit filed on Wednesday, Raw Talent co-president Doug Wald alleges he set Frankel up with reality TV specialists at the agency, APA, three years ago.

According to Wald, when Frankel signed with the agency on Aug. 7, 2008, she orally agreed to share 10% of her earnings with Wald, who would remain her personal manager.

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Wald claims he then introduced Frankel to David Kanbar, the alcohol industry pro with whom Frankel eventually launched the Skinnygirl brand. Raw Talent claims that Frankel fired Wald in November 2008, shortly before signing a deal with Kanbar.

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"She expressly represented that any agreement relating to the exploitation of the Skinnygirl Cocktail Brand would be commissionable under their management agreement," Wald's complaint states.

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In March of this year, Frankel and Kanbar sold the company for an estimated $120 million. Raw Talent wants 10% of that deal, and is also suing for damages on counts including fraud and breach of oral contract.

Earlier today Bethenny released this statement: "Unfortunately, one of the signs of success is being the subject of frivolous lawsuits, like this one."

She also told People, "Life is good for me with all the things that are most important, namely family. But let's be clear, I am a strong woman, and I am not afraid and won't back down when I'm bullied by something with zero merit. Success is earned by hard work, not taking advantage of others."