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Pop star Justin Bieber gave a warm-hearted shout-out to "True Grit" star Hailee Steinfeld yesterday morning when he congratulated her for scoring an Oscar nomination. Steinfeld, only 14 years old, was announced Tuesday as a contender for Best Supporting Actress in the Coen brothers western. Star magazine reports that in recognition of the feat, Bieber tweeted, "CONGRATS to Hailee Steinfeld for being 14 and getting nominated for an OSCAR for TRUE GRIT!"

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Bieber met the young newcomer only two weeks ago, when they co-presented an award at the Golden Globes. In tweeting his congrats, Bieber also noted that Steinfeld is "super talented" before following up with "Now Hailee get a twitter."

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Steinfeld may be pleased with her success, but she may want to stay off Twitter for now. In the past, other women and girls upon whom Bieber has heaped praise have become the targets of threats. And Selena Gomez, whom Bieber is alleged to be dating, has gotten burned by Bieber's fans as well. However, should Hailee ever sign up for Twitter, she'd be hard-pressed to match Bieber's whopping 6.8 million followers.

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