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Teen sensation Justin Bieber upset two Maryland state troopers ahead of his concert on Sunday after throwing water balloons at them.

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A police spokesperson claims the Canadian was "horsing around with members of his staff" before his sold-out gig at the Maryland State Fair, and hurled the water balloons at two officers who were controlling the crowds.

One of the balloons hit a cop's gun belt and burst, while another balloon bounced off the other trooper.

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ENews reports that Bieber then retreated to his trailer while his bodyguard successfully persuaded the officer not to put a black mark on the kid's squeaky-clean record (not including the madness that ensues among his fans when his very name is mentioned).

The officers decided not to write up a report, but the police representative has deemed the "Baby" hitmaker's actions "inappropriate behavior."

But it looks like Bieber wouldn't have changed anything that happened that day. He tweeted: "Still laughing. GREAT DAY" later that night.

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