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Making peace! It's seems that maybe, perhaps, LeAnn Rimes and "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Brandi Glanville have buried the hatchet.

The two have basically been sworn enemies ever since Eddie Cibrian divorced Brandi following an affair with LeAnn. Over the years the two have traded barbs in the media more times than anyone would dare to count. But, now, apparently things have smoothed over.

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"Things are currently going OK," Brandi, who has two kids, Mason and Jake, with Eddie, told In Touch. "It's really nice and very weird because the tide has been smooth for a little while now. It worries me that something crazy's about to happen because usually it ebbs and flows."

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Brandi even recently revealed that she began praying for the wellness of LeAnn.

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"I hope it continues to stay cool like this," Brandi said. Clearly, it sounds like she's isn't totally convinced that things will stay copacetic between them. Judging from their history, we aren't either.