The morning after his win on "Celebrity Apprentice," Bret Michaels talks about his road to recovery following a life threatening brain hemorrhage and several other serious health conditions.

Bret was told by his doctors that it was a risk for him to attend the live finale of "Celebrity Apprentice" in New York City, but he did it anyway. He explains to "Today" show correspondent Meredith Vieira of his decision to attend, "I'm so happy to have been there. ... I'm not back 100 percent but ... I have to have a goal."

As for returning to the stage, Bret plans to perform in Mississippi this weekend. He says of touring, "I don't know that I'm ready yet. I'm going to take it in baby steps. I'm going to do a show and see how it goes."

The Poison rocker adds, "I'm ready to get out of the hospital and on the road. ... I'm ready to rock. We'll see what happens."

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