@britneyspears / Instagram 1 / 13
@britneyspears / Instagram 1 / 13

The boot and a bite! After injuring her ankle from falling on stage, Britney Spears is returning to the stage. First, though, she needed a date night!

With her status back at 100 percent (or at least good enough to perform), Britney and boyfriend Charlie Ebersol decided to have a romantic date before on May 7, where the two looked as elated as ever.

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The lovey dovey couple "sat next to each other at Ocean Prime Restaurant in Beverly Hills on Wednesday and held hands on top of the table," a source told People.

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Britney, the source said, "looked amazing" and the couple walked out "holding hands and laughing together. They looked happy and were very flirty with each other."

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Clearly happy in her personal life, she also gets to, again, find joy in her professional life. Not only did she extend her Las Vegas show, but she is finally able to perform after being on the mend for a week.

"Finally giving the boot the boot!!!" she Instagrammed a photo of her walking boot being removed. "See you tomorrow night, Vegas! #PieceOfMe #ByeByeBoot."