@calvinharris / Instagram 1 / 12
@calvinharris / Instagram 1 / 12

It's getting serious between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris. How serious, you ask? He's met her cats!

Taylor doesn't let just anyone meet her furry children.

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The deejay posted a photo of Taylor's beloved kitty cats — Meredith and Olivia — in the early morning hours of April 29 (Did they have a sleep over, too?). In the photo, Olivia stands on her hind legs while Meredith watches is the near distance. Calvin simply captioned the photo with one word: "Moment."

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Both cats seem at ease with Calvin in their presence, so it's likely that he passed the all-important pet test.

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It's been rumored for several months that Taylor and Calvin are dating, and the pair seemed to confirm that when they were spotted together in Nashville in late March.

Will Calvin continue to claw his way into Taylor's heart?