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Friends know best! Selena Gomez did her best to shut down rumors that her BFF Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have split.

Basically Selena said she didn't know if the rumors were true, but she would know if there was any truth to them.

"What?! Oh, I don't know. I think I would have found that out," she told Andy Cohen on Oct. 12. "I didn't even know - is that a rumor? Oh gosh, of course. This is honestly so stupid."

Rumors really reached a fever pitch after several reports indicted that Taylor broke up with the DJ after he was photographed leaving a Thai massage parlor.

Calvin, too, had heard enough of the rumors, blasting media outlets for reporting the split.

"It's not going to be a 'happy ending' for everyone I sue for defamation of character for all these bull—— stories bye bye," he tweeted on Oct. 12.

Taylor and Calvin have been dating for roughly six months after being set up through mutual friend Ellie Goulding. Immediately Taylor's friends accepted the Scottish-born DJ into their squad.

"He's very tall. [He's] for sure [very handsome]," Selena said on radio show.

Selena has always been one of Tay Tay's biggest allies in both music and her love life.

"She was listening to the album and she's been super supportive," Selena recently said, "obviously with everything I've done because she's been my best friend for eight years."