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Kelsey and Camille Grammer's marriage of 13 years was seemingly intact when Camille signed on to "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," which debuted two weeks ago on Bravo.

Yet this past July, as the show filmed, actor Kelsey, 55, filed for divorce from Camille and quickly stepped out with his new love, 29-year-old flight attendant Katye Walsh. (Walsh miscarried their child in September.)

Camille now charges that her soon-to-be ex lobbied to get her on the Bravo series in order to facilitate an affair

with Walsh. Kelsey moved from Malibu to New York to star in a revival of Broadway show "La Cage Aux Folles," still running now.

"Looking back, maybe he wanted to keep me preoccupied in California while he was off having his affair in New York," the former Playboy model, who has two young children with the actor, tells the New York Post.

Although Camille talks on the show of stepping out of her Emmy-winning hubby's shadow, she tells the Post, she didn't want to do "Housewives." "I think it was more Kelsey's agenda," she says. "I was very reluctant,

because I am a very private person."

(Sources tell the Post that Camille, not Kelsey, first expressed interest in doing "Housewives.")

The split, naturally, will play out on future episodes of the show, and Camille's still upset with Kelsey.

"I don't respect what he did to me and my family," says the new reality star. "I am not happy with the way it went down. When I signed on, I didn't think I would be going through a divorce in the middle of a reality show."

Still, she adds, "He was my best friend. I hope when the dust settles we can remain friends."


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