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Mariah Carey's lawyer has dismissed allegations the superstar owes almost $30,000 in medical fees to a veterinarian who treated her dogs, branding the doctor's lawsuit "a crass publicity stunt."

Veterinarian Cindy Bressler filed a lawsuit in a New York court on Wednesday accusing Carey of paying just $8,231 of a $37,790 bill for providing "extraordinary services" to her pet pooches.

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According to court filings obtained by New York Post, Carey's Jack Russell puppy, Dolomite, needed intensive care after being born to another one of the singer's dogs, Cha-Cha, who was only six months old when she gave birth.

Bressler's attorney Michael Posner, said she "provided lifesaving, round-the-clock medical care to Mariah Carey's puppy," adding, "This was a serious medical matter that required professional care by a veterinarian and veterinary nurses."

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However, Carey's attorney, Orin Snyder, insists the singer will fight the lawsuit.

He says, "This abusive lawsuit appears to be a crass publicity stunt. As a matter of principle, Mariah intends to fight this baseless case and is confident that it will be dismissed."

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Bressler is seeking the alleged bill balance of $29,559 plus legal fees.