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Cat Deeley's world is about to change. Her footwear won't!

The "So You Think You Can Dance" judge confirmed this month on Twitter that she and her husband Patrick Kielty are expecting a baby, their first child.

Now well into her pregnancy, the English beauty said she's doing "very good," and she even managed a personal victory this week.

"I managed to get myself into these shoes," she told exclusively of the Louis Vutton's she was elegantly rocking.

And, if she has any say, she'll force herself into her Louis' if it's the last thing she does.

"The shoes are going to be the last thing to go -- over my dead body," she said. "They'll be sending me to the hospital in these shoes."

Earlier in the week, Cat said that the only reason she even announced to the world that she was expecting was because the of live TV she was doing, and she knew people would find out or at least speculate about her growing belly.

"I probably would have tried to hide it for a bit longer, but it got to the point where I was like, 'Ah, I'm live every week,'" she said. "And then people grab me and I'm like, 'Oh no.' There is only so much microphone and card work you can do in the middle."

Now that the show has wrapped for the season, Cat said she can finally get ready for the baby, and do things like baby proof the home. One thing that she's adamant about, though, is making sure that she stays true to who she is during her pregnancy -- basically that means she's still going to be a fierce fashionsta.

"The first week after I announced it, I was like, 'I am wearing my highest Christian Louboutins this week,'" she told People previously. "I am not going to get mumsy!"

She is due in 2016.