Waltz! Cha-ch-cha! "Dancing with the Stars" premiered its landmark 10th season live from Hollywood Monday night, with season seven champ Brooke Burke joining Tom Bergeron as show co-host -- and we have the breakdown of excitement, scores and surprises!

Cincinnati Bengals star Chad Ochocinco and pro partner Cheryl Burke kicked off the show with a cha-cha-cha and burned up the floor. Judge Len Goodman beamed, "You came out like a tiger. … You're a rough diamond at the moment -- you need a bit more polish and you're going to sparkle. … A great start to the show, well done." Bruno Tonioli added, "You have a huge, huge, huge talent yet untapped," while Carrie Ann Inaba observed, "There's some raw something going on there. … There's something primal getting in there." All three judges awarded the couple a 6 for a total score of 18.

Former "Beverly Hills 90210" star Shannen Doherty tried to keep her nerves in check and delivered a Viennese waltz with pro partner Mark Ballas. "It's hard to get it right on week one," said Bruno. "But you will get better, because doing something that difficult is an achievement." Carrie Ann noted, "You had a really ambitious routine. … There were a lot of stumbles … but I see something coming." And Len commended, "I thought you portrayed ease and elegance throughout. … I thought overall you did a good job." Again, all three judges awarded sixes for a total score of 18.

ESPN Sports Broadcaster Erin Andrews, a self-proclaimed perfectionist, showed great chemistry with pro partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy with an energetic cha-cha-cha. Carrie Ann raved, "What a nice surprise. You have good moves! You guys have a great connection. … I'm very impressed. It was nice, it was sexy." Len said, "It was full of rhythm. … Overall, really good job," while Bruno agreed, "I tell you, as a debut, wonderful." The couple one-upped the competition with sevens from each judge, totaling 21.

Hot "Bachelor" star/airline pilot Jake Pavelka and his pro partner Chelsie Hightower teamed up for a romantic Viennese waltz. Normally full of confidence, Jake was worried about nailing the dance before the big night, but made it through successfully - and to positive feedback from the judges, despite form issues. "Jake, I thought you moved very well. … You've got great potential. Keep at it," said Len, who gave them a 6. Bruno agreed, saying, "Nice and romantic. … It's a really good effort," although he thought Jake was a bit "rough" with his partner. He gave them a 7. Carrie Ann also awarded a 7, saying, "I was really impressed. … You look like you're having a genuinely good time. … There's a bravado in you that's very easy to watch." Their combined total score was 20.

"The Insider"'s own Niecy Nash was all smiles when she shook her tail feather with pro partner Louis Van Amstel in an energetic cha-cha-cha. At the end of her routine, she fought back tears of emotion, happy that she remembered her routine and dedicating it "to thick girls everywhere." Bruno awarded the couple a 6, saying, "It was like watching two different personalities. … I know there's a sassy lady out there ready to show me." Carrie Ann gave them a 7, asking Bruno, "How is that not sassy? It was simple, it was clean, you got your technique down and you added your personality." But Len showed his cranky side, complaining, "The whole thing was a bit uneventful. … This was a flat cha-cha-cha." He gave them a 5, for a total score of 18.

Olympic gold figure skater Evan Lysacek was having trouble changing his habits developed on the ice for 16 years, but managed to deliver an impressive Viennese waltz with pro partner Anna Trebunskaya. "You are good! Those lines were just gorgeous," raved Carrie Ann, who advised him to "connect a little more with the audience." She gave them an 8. Len said, "You look pretty elegant," but warned, "You've got clumsy feet. … Get chemistry between the two of you. You're used to working alone -- you're a couple now." He gave them a 7. And Bruno touted, "You're moving with the grace of a swan," but had the same observation, saying, "A few things to do, especially the connection with [Anna]." He awarded the couple another 8, for a total of 23, the highest score of the night so far.

Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin, 80 years old, carved out the cha-cha-cha with pro partner Ashly Costa. Looking a bit stiff, Buzz clearly had a good time on the dance floor and the judges commended him for his bravery on the moon -- and on the dance floor. "Unfortunately I can't give marks for bravery," sighed Len, "and can't give good marks tonight." He gave them a 4. Bruno joked, "It looked like you still had your moon boots on. … Let's say it's going to get better. You're going to be fabulous." He gave them a 5, while Carrie Ann encouraged, "You inspired a ton of people tonight." With another 5, the pair scored a total of 14.

Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger and pro partner Derek Hough showed tremendous grace in the Viennese waltz, flooring two out of the three judges with their first dance. "A performance of startling finesse," raved Bruno, who stood up and cheered. "I am astounded." Carrie Ann concurred, saying, "Apparently the bar has been set for season ten. … It was beautiful. It was emotional. I haven't seen a routine like that out of the gate ever." But Len channeled his cranky side again, grumbling that they lacked musicality. "Work on your technique," he growled. While he awarded the couple a 7, Carrie Ann and Bruno each gave them a 9, for the highest score of the entire night, 25.

"All My Children" soap stud Aiden Turner and Edyta Sliwinska exploded onto the dance floor with a racy cha-cha-cha, but the judges weren't buying it. Carrie Ann politely admired, "I like the approach, I like the full throttle, but it was really disjointed. … Next week I want you to do better." Len said, "It was full of everything I don't like" and chastised the soap star for shaking his "wobbly bits." Bruno then complained, "You were stiff as a plank." All three judges awarded fives for a total score of 15.

Reality star and mom-of-eight Kate Gosselin set out to "prove everybody [who says she can't dance] wrong" by successfully performing the Viennese waltz with pro partner Tony Dovolani, but the judges could smell her trepidation: "You're nervous, and I think that was the stumbling block for you," said Len. "Enjoy the experience." Bruno complained, "The technique was terrible. You have to learn to perform. … You have to exude something." While Carrie Ann observed, "You're not a performer. You're not an athlete. .. I really am impressed. There was a sweet vulnerability and an honesty that sort of resonates with people." Len and Bruno each awarded a five, and Carrie Ann gave them a 6, for a total of 16.

Former "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson and pro partner Damian Whitewood closed the show with a smokin' cha-cha-cha. "I can only think of sex, sex and more sex; the dirtier the better!" said a hot-under-the-collar Bruno. He gave them an 8. Carrie Ann appeared giddy and similarly moved, raving, "You do not disappoint … You were having fun and you were fully engaged." She awarded them a 7. But Len was a curmudgeon, labeling the performance "messy" and doling out a 6. Their total score was 21.

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